105-year-old woman successfully recovers from Covid-19 in AP

Hyderabad, Aug 6 (INN): At a time when the world is shuddering to think of how life would be if diagnosed with Covid-19, Mohanamma, a 105-year-old woman, is showing the way with minimal fuss on how to conquer the dreaded disease. Not only has the centenarian completely recovered from Covid-19 and recently discharged from the hospital in Kurnool, she is now joyfully flashing the sign of victory, in an image of self-confidence and bravery.

B Mohanamma (105), from Kurnool city, tested positive for Covid-19 on July 19, according to reports. She was subsequently admitted to the Kurnool Government General Hospital’s isolation ward for treatment. She underwent Covid-19 treatment at the hospital for the required 14-day period in the hospital’s MM ward, where she was treated with special care by physicians. Husband Madhava Swamy, of Mohanamma, died in 1991. She has three brothers, and five daughters.

She was diagnosed with mild Covid-19 symptoms after being admitted to the hospital. Yet she was placed on oxygen treatment because she had trouble breathing. From there on she was slowly on the path to recovery before getting fully cured of Coronavirus.

For someone born a century ago in 1915, she possesses incredible physiological stamina and superior resistance to the body. Talking of her recovery, Mohanamma said she’d never before seen an infection like Covid-19. She said she might recover from the virus because of a regular regimen that involves her daily dose of yoga and meditation, too. The grand old woman reveals this little secret in a parting shot that guarantees her sound health — Yes, it’s yoga and meditation.

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