CM signs file slashing fee to obtain tap connections

Hyderabad, Feb 14 (INN): The Government of Telangana has significantly reduced the deposit amounts for obtaining tap connections in Urban areas.  In all Municipalities and Municipal corporations, the BPL families are required to pay just Rs 1/- for tap connection and for others the amount would be Rs 100/-.

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has signed the concerned file on Thursday afternoon.

Until now, for obtaining a tap connection an amount of Rs 6000/- was being collected towards deposit.  If the connection is to be taken inside the house the deposit was Rs 10,500/-.  In view of this huge amount as deposit, people were not coming forward for taking tap connections, felt the CM.

“The government has decided to supply safe drinking water to every village and towns through Mission Bhagiratha.  The government has made it a right to the people to obtain tap water.  However, people are not coming forward to take connections in urban areas by depositing heavy amounts.  There is a need to reduce this and make it a nominal amount.  That is why the deposit amount is reduced significantly.  The government wants that the purified drinking water to be consumed by everyone” said the CM.

In Municipalities and Corporations, the number of connections required to be given are 7.9 lakh.  So far only 1.20 lakh connections are given.  Due to the heavy deposit the rest of the people are not coming forward to take connection.  For 6.7 lakh households’ connections are not yet provided. In addition to this due to the drinking water schemes under construction another 3.3 lakh connections are to be given.  All together the total number of connections to the house are 10 lakhs.  In view of heavy deposit many are not coming forward to obtain connections.  This will come in the way to realize the objective of providing safe drinking water through Mission Bhagiratha to all.  Hence though it is burden on the exchequer the deposit amount is reduced significantly and made name sake.  The aim of the government is that people should consume safe drinking water and to be healthy. (INN)

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