2023-24 Union budget should ensure affordable medical care solutions: Kamineni COO

2023-24 Union budget should ensure affordable medical care solutions: Kamineni COO

Hyderabad, Jan.24 (NSS): Dr Gayatri Devi Kamineni, COO, Kamineni Hospitals, has said the Union Budget 2022-23 presented by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made India a G20 leader in healthcare. It is expected that the healthcare sector will have a huge impact on this budget, as the government has emphasized digital health innovation and healthcare infrastructure. The Government of India is investing significantly in strengthening the existing framework of the healthcare federation and providing universal health coverage to all citizens.

She said the healthcare sector is looking forward to the upcoming budget as a fruitful one where the government will announce new initiatives and projects that can help promote better quality healthcare. The private healthcare industry is also expecting lower cost financing options and more incentives for life sciences projects. The Union budget for 2023-24 should be strategically planned with a focus on providing affordable medical care solutions to citizens so that everyone has access to quality medical services. In addition, the government should look into providing tax benefits to those who are investing in life sciences in order to boost research and development in this sector. Furthermore, it is essential that there be more investments in public health infrastructure so as to reduce the overall cost of medical care while simultaneously improving its quality.

Dr Gayatri Devi Kamineni said additionally, investments should be made into new medical technologies like telemedicine which would help bridge gaps between patients and doctors while ensuring safety guidelines are met during this time. We expect that in Budget 2023-24, the Government will devote as much funding as possible to medical infrastructure and to overall health care delivery developments

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