4,000 Saudi doctors to be trained annually under NTP 2020

Author: MOHAMMED RASOOLDEENSat, 2017-04-29 03:00ID: 1493418213983534400RIYADH: Some 4,000 Saudi doctors will be trained annually in accordance with the latest medical advances, as part of a new program by the Health Ministry under the National Transformation Program (NTP) 2020.The program will develop the skills of health practitioners in various disciplines, rehabilitate 50 health facilities and organize a refresher course for those with post-graduate qualifications, a ministry official said, adding that 755 health initiatives will be implemented in cooperation with 18 government bodies in the coming years. Last week, Health Minister Tawfiq Al-Rabiah launched the first national health initiative under the NTP 2020.He highlighted road accidents, obesity, lack of regular exercise and smoking as major causes of concern. Some 80 primary health care centers were opened last year, bringing the total in the Kingdom to 2,390, Al-Rabiah said. Some of the centers work more than 16 hours a day.The number of counseling centers in the Kingdom has risen to 82, and the number of anti-smoking clinics has risen to 160, Al-Rabiah said.A health survey of the population has been launched by the Health Ministry, whereby 9,300 medical teams will speak to 50,000 families comprising 250,000 members, he said, adding that there are 279 hospitals with 42,000 beds to serve people in the Kingdom.
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