5 shot dead during confrontation with demonstrators in Ethiopian capital: Police

5 shot dead during confrontation with demonstrators in Ethiopian capital: Police

ADDIS ABABA (Rahnuma): The Ethiopia Federal Police Commission said on Monday five people have been shot dead during confrontations with angry demonstrators in Ethiopian capital city Addis Ababa.

Speaking to state media outlets, Zeynu Jemal, Commissioner, Ethiopia Federal Police Commission, said five people were shot dead, during confrontations with security forces in the city.

Jemal said there were attempts to loot property under the guise of demonstrations and that some “dangerous vagrants” also tried to snatch weapons from police officers.

Earlier on Monday, Addis Ababa witnessed demonstrations in various parts of the city, by demonstrators angry at reports of killings, looting and rape in Burayu town, located on the outskirts of the city.

Video clips showing dead bodies and looted houses and properties started appearing on Sunday on social media platforms causing grief and outrage in the city, which has largely been spared the violence that affected other parts of Ethiopia over the last three years.

The violence on Saturday and Sunday in Burayu town followed recent clashes in Addis Ababa among local residents and youth from surrounding ethnic Oromo localities who came to celebrate the return from exile of Dawud Ibsa, leader of Oromo Liberation Front rebel group.

Addis Ababa is an ethnically-mixed city of around four million people, but is situated within the larger Oromo-dominated Oromia regional state.

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