9 in 10 Indians think more money will make them happier

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New Delhi, July 6 (IANS) As the Covid-19 pandemic spreads across the world infecting millions, forcing people to maintain social distancing, interrupting normal life, forcing businesses to shut shops and leading to job losses, most Indians feel that more money would make them happier.

As per the IANS CVoter GMRA Happiness Index tracker, 70.5 percent of the respondents said they “strongly agree” to the question, “Do you think a rise in income makes you happier?”

Another 14.5 percent of the respondent s agreed to some extent with the statement, while only 6.1 percent of people surveyed responded with “strongly disagree” with the statement. Another 2.8 percent somewhat disagreed with the statement.

There was a clear divide between older people (60 years and above) and freshers (below 25 years) with only 65.6 percent older people responding with “strongly agree” and 13.4 percent “agree to some extent” while 74.8 percent of the freshers strongly agreed and another 13.8 percent somewhat agreed to the statement.

Among religious groups, Sikhs overwhelmingly agreed with the statement while Christians agreed the least. Among respondents, 95.5 percent Sikhs “strongly agreed” with the statement while another 2.3 percent agreed with the statement to some extent.

Only 2.1 percent of the Sikh respondents strongly disagreed with the statement. As many as 45.0 percent of all the Christian respondents strongly agreed and another 26.9 percent agreed to some extent with the statement that a rise in income level makes them happier while 10.8 percent of respondents disagreed with the statement.

Regionally, North Indian respondents most emphatically agreed with the statement with 82.5 percent strongly agreeing and another 9.4 percent agreeing to some extent. Among South Indian respondents, only 49.3 percent of respondents strongly agreed with the statement with another 27.4 percent agreeing to some extent.

The rural-urban divide was very clear with 73.0 percent urban people strongly agreeing with the statement with another 11.1 percent agreeing to some extent. The figures for the rural areas were 51.5 percent and 29.2 percent, respectively.

The survey was conducted by CVoter in association with the Delhi-based NGO Gender Mainstreaming Research Association (GMRA) as part of their ongoing effort to develop a comprehensive Happiness Index for India.

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