A mobile application exclusively for women safety in Hyderabad

Hyderabad (Rahnuma): A mobile application exclusively for women, with easy access to all women safety-oriented helplines and even to help them find a safe place to stay, is in the making.

The app, tentatively called ‘She Safe’, is an initiative of the Cyberabad Police and is being developed with support from some IT firms and the Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC). The aim is safety of women, especially those working in the IT corridor, officials said, adding that it would be a one-stop app.

The app is being designed keeping in mind the safety requirements of women working in the IT corridor, Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar said. “It will have helpline icons related to specific domains on Women Safety awareness, Margadarshaks, Project Safe Stay, She Shuttle, Self Defence and Cyber Safety. These programmes are promoted and propagated by SCSC,” said Sajjanar, who is also the chairman of SCSC.

These programmes are being digitised to be integrated with the Hawk Eye police app, with which the She Safe app will be connected, he said. Some features to be included in She Safe are on ‘Safety Awareness’, with slides of women safety sessions, Women’s Forum programmes, basic laws, tips on cyber safety and emergency contact numbers of the police. There will also be a provision to login to register Margadarshak-related cases. Slides of
Margadarshak will also be incorporated in the app. This feature includes details of the Margadarshak programme, statistics on the number of Margadarshaks trained and the number of organisations associated.

The app will also have a ‘Project Safe Stay’ feature, using which users can access the list of audited hostels in and around Madhapur, Gachibowli and Raidurgam along with their compliance percentage. There will be a provision to lodge complaints by hostel residents in case any valuables go missing.

The ‘She Shuttle’ feature will reflect the Shuttle routes, features of the bus and basic information on the number of commuters using the service on an average. It will also include a help desk. There will also be a special ‘Self-Defence’ feature, which will include animated videos on step-by-step self-defence techniques for women.

The app includes tips on cyber safety with regular updates on latest malwares and cyber trends along with helpline numbers and other related information to help victims. “This app is still being designed and may take some time.

We are studying various features that can be incorporated for helping women in a much better way,” Krishna Yedula, general secretary of SCSC, said.

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