After Swadeshi food, toothpaste, jeans and Samriddhi SIM card, now a Swadeshi app; Baba Ramdev’s Kimbho eyes competition with Whatsapp

After Swadeshi food, toothpaste, jeans and Samriddhi SIM card, now a Swadeshi app; Baba Ramdev’s Kimbho eyes competition with Whatsapp

After posing challenges to international consumer and FMCG companies, Patanjali, the Baba Ramdev promoted company seems to be entering sectors promising current players with fresh challenges. This time, Patanjali is making a foray into the internet services sector. The Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balakrishna promoted Patanjali is promoting the usage of Kimbho to its users. If you are wondering whether Kimbho is a yogic aasana or an exercise that could orbit you towards stratospheric heights of self-actualization, you are sadly mistaken. Kimbho in Sanskrit is a phrase that means enquiring about somebody’s well-being.

And Kimbho is an app that in colloquial context conveys the same meaning as- What’s up? During the launch of Kimbho, a Patanjali spokesperson explained in a tweet that “Kimbho is used in Sanskrit for asking someone’s well-being. Like we say – Kimbho bhaiya (brother). Means how are you and what is happening? Now India will speak Kimbho, now India will ask kimbho.” By now, you should have guessed what this Swadeshi app Kimbho is competing against. No brownie points for guessing what the Baba’s app is competing against. Well, Kimbho is a social media networking app that competes against Whatsapp.

Kimbho empowers private group chat with free phone and video calling. It has dozens of amazing features to share text audio, photos, videos, stickers, quickies, location, GIF, Doodle and more, according to its description on the iOS App Store. Surprisingly the layout of the app’s icon looks quite similar to what the Facebook owned Whatsapp has. And that’s not where the similarity ends. Both the apps have more or less similar share of controversies. Post the Cambridge Analytica scandal, there has been a rising number of concerns on data-privacy and some including Whatsapp’s founder called for deleting Whatsapp and Facebook.

There have been security related issues around the Kimbho app too. Elliott Alderson, an independent security researcher who tweets about security loopholes made scathing remarks about the Kimbho app. Ok, I will stop here. The #Kimbho #android #app is a security disaster. I can access the messages of all the users…— Elliot Alderson (@fs0c131y) May 30, 2018 If that was not adequate, twitteratti also criticised Kimbho’s eery similarity with another app – Bolo. It is build on an app called “BOLO”.

Kimbho team is so dumb that they didnt even changed the OTP SMS format!! Even the description n pics used are same as Bolo app!— Abhishek Singh (@ThakurrSaab) May 31, 2018 There is yet no clarity on what might have prompted the highly profitable Patanjali for a social networking app, but users of Patanjali app may be expecting a small loyalty benefit for using this app. A discount after Baba Ramdev explained during the launch of Samriddhi cards of a 10% discount for users of Patanjali telecom service.

The launch of Samriddhi SIM card was held barely two days ago and Baba Ramdev was photograpphed with officials from BSNL during the launch of Patanjali’s BSN 144 plan. The launch was touted as a Jio v/s Patanjali moment. And Patanjali’s foray into an already disrupted telecom market has since then been highly speculated. Read more about that story here. There is no word yet on what is going to be Patanjali’s next foray after entering the telecom market and the app store.

There is no clarity on whether the new app Kimbho could offer similar features like Whatsapp. By the way, Whatsapp is clearing the ground for a Payment service, that is expected to hit your phones in a few more days. While we were scratching our heads for an answer to where Patanjali could head next, we stumbled upon this tweet. With #KIMBHO one thing is clear that Ramdev is in full mood to come up with Indian version of Tinder called #SAMBHOG— Ritik (@ritikkalra) May 30, 2018

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