Air Quality Monitoring Committee meeting to review the implementation of the action plan

Hyderabad, June 27 (NSS): The sixth Air Quality Monitoring Committee meeting to review the implementation of the action plan for reducing the air pollution was held in Telangana State Pollution Control Board today, under the Chairmanship of Rajat Kumar, Principal Secretary EFS &T.

The Principal Secretary informed that, as per the Air Quality Index the air pollution in Hyderabad is in satisfactory to Moderate range and the action plan was prepared by the Government with an intention of improving the air quality index to Good Quality and we must implement the action plan as per the timelines. Further under the guidance of the Chief Minister the creation of lung space in about 1,60,000 acres in

Hyderabad which include 59 urban parks is under progress and which increase the quality of

the air substantially.

The Air Quality Monitoring Committee advised to focus on implementation of the lane discipline, open biomass burning, as BS VI vehicle is introduced the upgradation of the necessary infrastructure for monitoring by the transport department has to be taken up along with discarding of old vehicle and penalties on polluting vehicles. Further, it was advised to TSPCB for publishing of air quality data to make people conscious of the degrading air quality and creation of awareness by PCB. GHMC was advised for maintenance of the roads and pot holes repair. The Committee advised transport department to prioritise

the uptake of the CNG by educational institute buses. The committee instructed the Industries department to prepare a road map for shifting of the polluting industries to outside the ORR.

The other members of the committee who participated in the meeting are Neetu Prasad, Member Secretary, TSPCB, Commissioner, transport and CDMA. The representatives from the stake holder departments viz., GHMC, Transport, Traffic Police, Industries, Oil companies and agriculture department have participated in the meeting.

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