Al-Bahrainiyah responds to critics over her ‘controversial song’

Author: ARAB NEWSSun, 2017-12-31 03:00ID: 1514660174221240200BEIRUT: Critics and artists have confirmed that the latest song by Bahrain’s Hind Al-Bahrainiyah and Lebanon’s Jad Choueiry has achieved a great success.The allegedly controversial video of “Barra” was a hit on social media, but reports suggest that some people were not happy with its content.Art and film critic Osama Al-Majed told that though the song is beautiful, it might not please everyone. Al-Majed said accusations against Hind of supporting homosexuality and offending men are groundless and lack credibility. He was referring to a scene in the video where a man is wearing a donkey’s mask. He said these accusations must end. Al-Bahrainiyah also responded to her critics on social media, saying that the mask worn in the video is of a famous cartoon character and not of a donkey.The video clip tells the story of woman who has decided to leave her boyfriend because he had mistreated her.
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