All cops attend workshop on E office.

Hyderabad, April.28 Today all inspectors, All SHos and Some sector Sis of Hyderabd city police along with all ACsP, DCPs, Addl.CPs and CP Hyderabad they all attended a workshop on E office.

E office is a computer software application in which all the files, all the papers files of the dept will move through e- mail, through computer and in digital format.

The main objective is that there should not be any paper. it should be a paperless office. it is also very environmental friendly initiative, in one year by using computers for transfer of files and by not using papers , Hyderabad city police will saga more than 100000 tress.

Not only that there will be faster movement of file and there will be a transparency, the pendency of file can be seen through dashboards. Which officer is having file from what time to what time, everything can be check and there will be transparency.

It will also help to access the file even on a non working day, in case of emergency all officers will be given electronic digital dongle, this dongle will provide facility for digital signature, every officer will have a separate digital signature, we will be the first big city in the country to use this .

First big city with a population of 87 lakhs, with police force of 12 thousands, we will be first big city in the country to have e- office from next month onwards.

All the officers all PSs and upto CP office. Every one has under gone this training. Last 30 days and more so in the last one month, every day training is happening at all places. And there will be efficient and better professionalism with usage of application of E office.

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