Andhra MP’s sons get bail a day after vandalising toll booth in Karnataka

The duo had vandalised a toll booth for asking them to pay a toll fee.
Just one day after  vandalising a toll booth at Bagepalli in Karnataka, the police granted bail to the sons of Hindpur MP Nimmala Kristappa.
The duo, N Ambarish and N Shirish, reportedly surrendered to the police on Tuesday, and walked out after getting bail on the same evening.
The incident happened when the two sons, and other associates, were travelling from Hindupur to Bengaluru Airport at around 8.30am in the morning.
Footage doing the rounds on social media and television channels shows the toll booth employee fleeing from his place, when a car comes to a screeching halt near the window and a man steps out of the car and smashes the toll booth window glass.
“They were asked to pay the toll fee, to which they started arguing with the toll plaza staff. Ambarish claimed that since he had an MP pass, he need not pay the fee. After a heated argument, the MP’s son along with his associates attacked the toll counter,” Inspector Govind Raj had earlier told TNM.
Following the complaint filed by the staff of the toll plaza, five people were detained by the Bagepalli police.
“They broke the window and computers in the counter and also threatened the staff members,” added the Inspector.
Their father, meanwhile, justified the behaviour, telling a news channel that although his son did not enjoy the privileges of an MP, the car was going to pick him from the Bengaluru airport.
“The toll plaza people had troubled my vehicle several times in the past. My car has an MP emblem, which means by rule I do not have to pay the toll fee. They tried to attack my son for not paying,” Kristappa told the news channel.#VVIPracism #AndhraPradesh MP Nimmala Kristappa’s son’s men allegedly vandalised a toll booth in #Karnataka for being stopped for toll.
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