Antigen tests in all PHCs, 65 centers now : DMHO

Hyderabad, July 15 (NSS): Corona tests are expanded in the city and rapid Antigen tests have been launched in the city, according to Hyderabad District Medical and Health Officer (DMHO), Dr Venkat. Those people with symptoms can get the Antigen tests to get immediate results, he said.

He told a press conference here that as many as 65 centers are allowed to conduct rapid antigen tests in the city.

These antigen tests are to be conducted in all Primary health centers and arrangements have been made he informed. He said that Nature Cure and Ayurveda Hospitals have beds for treatment of Corona patients. Medical kits will be given to the patients in home isolations with their declaration. Those who cannot remain in home isolation can do so in hospitals for isolation he said.

He said that 16600 patients were recovered from home isolation and 11705 more patients are being treated. The patients in home isolations can get medical kits and use the medicines.

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