AP Bar Council felicitates Kanakamedala

Hyderabad, April.21 : The Bar Council of Andhra Pradesh has felicitated Kanakamedala Ravindra Kumar, senior Advocate and Adhoc Committee Member, on the occasion of his election as Rajyasabha Member.

Advocate–General of Andhra Pradesh   Dammalapati Srinivas was the guest of honour on the occasion. N. Ramchander Rao, Member, Bar Council of India  & MLC, C. Pratap Reddy, Public Prosecutor for Telangana Government, Posani Venkateswarlu, Public Prosecutor for Andhra Pradesh Government,

C. Damodar Reddy,  President, Telangana Advocates’ Association, Senior Advocates,  Government Pleaders,  and Asst. Government Pleaders of both the States participated. The felicitation function was presided over by  A. Narasimha Reddy, Member, Special Committee.

On the occasion,  A. Rami Reddy,   Gogula Krishna,  Lakshman Kumar,  K. Chidambaram, Raviguvera,  Zakeer Hussain Javeed,  Battu Devanand,  spoke   about Kanakamedala  Ravindra Kumar and his services to the legal  fraternity  at large and  Bar Council  in particular  during   his  tenure  as member of   the   Bar    Council.

The speakers hoped that Kakanakamedala  Ravindra Kumar will represent    the  issues   of  the   State  in  generaland  also  Advocates community   in  particular    during the  sessions  of   august  House.

They requested him   to  give   importance   whenever  the issues/ Bills relating to  legal fraternity  will  introduced  in  the Rajya Sabha.
Rajyasabha member Ravindra Kumar  expressed  his gratitude to all  for the felicitation and support  given to him all these years and assured to represent the State  as well as  legal fraternity   to the    possible extent whenever  occasion   comes.

The program  concluded with vote of thanks  by  N. Renuka, Secretary,  Bar Council.

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