AP Govt Hospitals In A State of Neglect

Nellore July 10 : We often read about some untoward incident or the other that occur in government hospitals across the state. Due to sheer negligence of the doctors in these hospitals, there have been loss of lives too. Two such recent incidents have in Government hospitals that came to light reflect the negligence rampant in such hospitals. Neither politicians nor the local health worker seems to be bothered about the pathetic conditions prevailing in these places. It’s a known fact that the poor people can only afford to seek treatment at government hospitals, but the places they go to are hardly have the infrastructure or facility to cater to their needs.

Two recent incidents have not only made people wary of such places but also points to the government apathy towards these hospitals. One is in Chittoor and another in Nellore where two lives were lost recently.

In Nellore district at the Atmakur Government hospital, a pregnant woman lost her life because of doctors’ negligence. Incidentally, the doctors were unavailable at Atmakur hospital for three days which crippled medical services. No proper medical attention was available for the pregnant lady and she died. The angry family members protested later at the hospital in vain.

On Saturday, Nikhila belonging to Putturu town of Chittoor district was taken to the Putturu Government hospital for delivery. Post-delivery Nikhila developed complications and started bleeding for a very long time. With the hospital unable to provide proper medicare, the woman was shifted to Tirupati hospital on Sunday midnight. By then the woman’s condition worsened because of which she died.

Relatives of Nikhila rued over Putturu Government hospital staff’s negligent attitude towards patients and staged a protest on the road. Now, the question is can mere protest change the attitude of these government hospitals towards patients and improve facilities?

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