Argentine president says Argentina has become better during his presidency

Argentine president says Argentina has become better during his presidency

BUENOS AIRES, March 2 (Rahnuma): Argentine President Mauricio Macri said Friday that his country has recovered from the downturn and is doing better than in 2015, when he assumed the presidency.

“Today, we can say that Argentina is at a better point than in 2015. Better doesn’t mean that we are where we want to be, but that we have got out of the plight we were in,” Macri said while inaugurating the 137th session of the Congress.

“That day (when I took presidency), I told you that we would move the country forward together and it was the most courageous decision we took together — to change the country,” he said.

In terms of foreign policy, Macri said, “The country regained its positive role … in the region and the world,” and has undoubtedly played a significant role in international issues. For example, the Group of 20 Summit was held in Buenos Aires in 2018, he said.

On economy, Macri said, “To change the situation that many Argentines are suffering poverty, we must reduce the fiscal deficit — the true cause of inflation and poverty.”

In 2018, Argentina’s economy, the third largest in Latin America after Brazil and Mexico, contracted 2.6 percent. Meanwhile, it had an inflation rate of 47.6 percent, one of the highest in the region, while the poverty rate hit 27.3 percent of the population, the National Statistics and Census Institute said in January.

In 2018, Argentina received help from the International Monetary Fund. In return, it was committed to achieving a zero deficit in its public accounts.

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