Avoid using plastic bags, Indrakaran tells people

Avoid using plastic bags, Indrakaran tells people

Hyderabad, Nov.5 (NSS): Forest, Environment and Endowments Minister A Indrakaran Reddy today said the State government was focusing on to avoid using plastic and make necessary alternative arrangements for people. He instructed the officials to focus on non-plastic bags production on a large scale and educate people against use of plastic bags.

The officials concerned called on him and presented some compost bags prepared on pilot basis replacing plastic ones to protect environment from pollution. These bags will dissolve in the soil in six months or 180 days and cause no pollution to environment, the minister said.

He also said similar compost bags are used in nurseries against plastic bags to produce large number of plants. Besides creating awareness among the public against the use of plastic bags, it is time to encourage non-polluting bags across the State. Indrakaran Reddy also instructed the officials to first use compostable bags in temples as well as in the nurseries in the State.

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