Bahraini agency faces investigation over ‘win a worker’ competition

Author: Arab NewsMon, 2017-04-17 15:19ID: 1492421110434158400
DUBAI: A recruitment agency in Bahrain is under investigation by government authorities after it ran an online competition offering people the chance to “win a domestic worker,” The Independent reported Sunday.
Officials suspended the company’s license temporarily last week on the grounds of suspected human trafficking.
Al Hazeem Manpower ran a social media campaign calling on people to take part during Ramadan. The company stipulated that the prizewinner must have a work permit to employ the housemaid.
In a statement last week, Bahrain’s Labor Market Regulatory Authority said the company’s license had been suspended pending a full investigation.
“The Labor Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) has taken a series of immediate deterrent measures against an employment agency after committing offenses classified as suspicion of trafficking in persons,” the statement said.
On its Facebook page, the company markets domestic services complete with “two-year runaway insurance” and some packages also offer the opportunity to “return the maid” if she becomes ill.
According to Bahrain News, the Bahraini owner of the company said: “We used the wrong wording for the campaign because of which our license was suspended, but we immediately made the required changes.”
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