Beans of goodness

Beans of goodness

New Delhi, Oct 4 (IANSlife) Green coffee beans have gained popularity among fitness freaks as a new weight loss remedy. But what exactly is green coffee? Green, unroasted beans from the Coffea Arabica plant. Full of antioxidants, these beans apart from reducing weight, also help in controlling cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. They also have a lot of beauty benefits.

Urban Spices Director Subodh Bhartiya gives an insight into some benefits of green coffee for hair and skin.

1. Anti-ageing properties: The antioxidant properties of green coffee reduce wrinkles and slow the effect of ageing on the skin making it supple. The high concentration of chlorogenic acid in green coffee extract reduces redness due to excessive sunlight exposure. This is why beauty products with green coffee extracts are being increasingly preferred by dermatologists and skincare companies.

2. Moisturiser: Consuming green coffee also nourishes and moisturises the skin. Fatty acids and esters, including Arachidic Acid, Linoleic Acid and Oleic Acid, present in the beans prevent the skin from sagging and losing colour.

3. Skin bleach: The bleaching properties of green coffee are another reason why it has become a must in beauty products. It’s a good exfoliating agent that helps in removing the dead cells and free radicals and in improving blood circulation maintaining skin glow.

4. Excellent for hair growth: Green coffee is also beneficial for hair. Its anti-oxidant properties help hair cells fight toxins keeping them healthy, strong and moisturised. The anti-microbial agents of green coffee oil deep clean the scalp preventing dandruff growth, reducing itchiness and promoting hair growth.

5. Fights baldness: Androgenetic alopecia, a skin condition also known as ‘female pattern hair loss,’ can also be cured by adding green coffee to the daily diet. The extract of these beans can boost hair growth and thicken strands significantly. Pro Healthy ways

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