Bihar village where Hindus maintain a centuries-old mosque

While on many occasions, the situation of communal tensions between Hindus and Muslims in different areas has become common, a village in Nalanda district of Bihar is still presenting an example of Hindu-Muslim unity. You will be surprised to know that not a single Muslim family lives in this village, but Namaz is offered here five times a day at a mosque that is taken care of by the people of Hindu community.

Patna, Sep 8 (IANS) Amid rising religious fanaticism and daily instances of communal flare-ups in the country, a village in Bihar’s Nalanda district is a rare and textbook case of liberalism and open-mindedness.

Maadhi village has no Muslims, but namaz at its over 200-year-old mosque is offered five times a day by the Hindus. The Hindus also take care of the maintenance of the mosque.

“We (Hindus) don’t know the ‘Azaan’, but a pen drive (with a recording of the Azaan) is played every day to perform the ritual,” said Hans Kumar, a village resident.

According to the villagers, Maadhi had a sizeable Muslim population, but people gradually migrated.

“There was no one to take care of the mosque, so the Hindus had to come forward,” sais Gautam, who takes care of the mosque.

Gautam said no one knows when the mosque was constructed and by whom, but the Hindus offer visit it before anything auspicious.

“The mosque is cleaned and prayers are offered every morning and evening. People also pray here whenever they have a problem,” said Janki Pandit, the village priest.

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