BJP, BRS & MIM are friends: Revanth Reddy

BJP, BRS & MIM are friends: Revanth Reddy

Hyderabad, Sept.17 (NSS): TPCC president Revanth Reddy today said CM KCR and Union minister Kishan Reddy are not different. He also claimed that Kishan Reddy is a follower of KCR. Does Kishan Reddy know why the BJP leaders made him the president of the State unit, he asked.

Speaking to media persons at Taj Krishna on Sunday, Revanth Reddy alleged that the BJP, BRS and MIM are attacking the Congress as a group without being able to face the Congress party individually. He said the meetings and programs of the three parties today are proof of that. BJP and BRS are conducting programmes in competition while the CWC meetings are going on. Revanth criticized that they are trying in every way to block the Congress.

 The TPCC chief said the BJP and BRS are playing drama in Delhi liquor scam case. He said CM KCR was ready to send his daughter to jail to win the election. Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and Nadda criticize but not a single case has been filed by ED or CBI against KCR. Revanth Reddy asked why the BJP was not ordering an inquiry into KCR’s corruption.

Revanth Reddy alleged that Kaleshwaram was used as an ATM by KCR. He said that Kaleshwaram was not enough and Delhi Liquor scam was committed. Revanth Reddy said that BRS invested in Delhi liquor scam with Kaleshwaram’s illegal money. What else can the BJP, which is getting shares in that scam, blame the Congress? He said that they are criticizing Congress to cover up their mistakes and people are noticing the dark deal between BJP and BRS. He said that KCR wants to win the elections with the winds of sympathy in the next election. KCR is the person who wants to get sympathy by arresting his daughter to win the election. Revanth Reddy made sensational comments that KCR made an agreement with Modi to put Kavitha in Tihar Jail and get sympathy, and KCR is helping Modi for this.

 Revanth Reddy said that Kavitha is stuck only in the case filed by ED against the Kejriwal government and not even a single case was filed against BRS government. If AAP ministers are sent to jail for Rs 100 crore in the Delhi liquor scam, KCR, who ate lakh crore, should be hanged.

 Revanth Reddy accused BRS and MIM parties of supporting BJP from outside. He said that Sonia Gandhi kept her guarantee of Telangana in 2004 and she kept her promise despite the loss to the party. He clarified that the guarantees given in the House today will also be implemented within 30 days of coming to power. Revanth Reddy said that Sonia Bhumi Pooja will be performed at the knowledge center virtually in the assembly itself.

Revanth Reddy criticized that the objective with which Sonia had given Telangana was not fulfilled. He said today Vijayabheri Sabha is to fulfill that goal and dream. Why does the Congress have restrictions that MIM, BRS and BJP do not have? He asked. Revanth Reddy alleged that some policemen are acting like BRS activists. (NSS)

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