BJP criticise CPM for Describing BJP as Kouravas

Hyderabad, April.23 Taking a dig at left parties,  Telangana BJP president Dr K Laxman today said  leaders of left parties talk about cooperation between two parties in day time but in night they act against their wishes.

Speaking to media here Laxman said the CPM meeting being held in Hyderabad is probably meant to only criticise Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Communism is fading off  across  the world now, he said.

The state BJP chief alleged that communists are resorting to violence in Kerala and they faced defeat in West Bengal and Tripura states.

In a separate press conference, BJP floor leader G Kishan Reddy alleged that there are two groups in CPM party. While one group inclined to support Congress party , other group oppose it, he said.

Lamenting the decision of CPM to work with Congress party for coming elections, Kishan Reddy said  it shows bankruptcy of CPM which wanted to support Congress.

Reacting on the comment of CPM which described BJP as kouravas, the BJP leader questioned are you (CPM) not kaourvas which is trying to have alliance with opportunists, selfish and corrupt people in the name of caste, religion and language?

How can you describe BJP as kaouravas which is fighting to protect unity and integrity  of the country , Kishan Reddy roared and said people will take decision who is playing role of kouravas.

The people are rejecting CPM which is loosing its ground in west Bengal. BJP is in second position in West Bengal where is CPM is in third position, he said and expressed  hope that BJP would come into power whenever elections are held in Kerala.

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