BRS grown into national powerhouse with Delhi office: Kavita

Hyderabad, May 4 (NSS): BRS party MLC and daughter of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today stated that “a  party that began with the single goal of Telangana State formation achieved success despite difficult political conditions and with the overwhelming support of every citizen, who believed in the idea of separate Telangana State. A man with a mission, whose commitment inspired 39 political parties across the country supported the Telangana statehood”.

Kavita stated it was KCR’s statesmanship and perseverance for the formation and development of Telangana, today the BRS party is with nine MPs in Lok Sabha, seven MP’s in Rajya Sabha, and 105 MLAs in Telangana and the party has grown into a national powerhouse. She stated that “the opening of our party’s Delhi office is a proud moment for every pink soldier. This is an amazing journey that our visionary leader, KCR and everyone else, who believed in him, his vision and the commitment of BRS Party have taken. (NSS)

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