Burhan heads to UAE for talks with US officials

Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman al-Burhan, Sudanís Head of Transitional Military Council meets with Bahraini aid officials (not seen) are pictured in Sudan capital Khartoum on September 15, 2020. / AFP / Mazen Mahdi

CAIRO (RAHNUMA)  A delegation from the Sudanese Sovereignty Council is set to discuss the country’s removal from a US terror list with American officials on Sunday.

The two days of talks will take place in the UAE, Sudan’s SUNA state news agency reported.

The delegation is led by the transitional council’s chairman Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan and includes Sudanese ministers, as well as experts and specialists in negotiation.
Bilateral talks will also take place with Emirati officials.

Sudanese Justice Minister Nasruddin Abdul Bari will discuss with the US the removal of Sudan from a US list of state sponsors of terror.

“The accompanying ministerial delegation headed by Justice Minister Nasruddin Abdul Bari and experts in negotiation will hold talks with a team of US officials in the UAE about removing Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, supporting the transitional period, and relieving Sudan from American debts,” the statement added.

Since the downfall of President Omar Al-Bashir last year and the installation of a transitional government, the US has said it is open to removing Sudan from the list.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Khartoum last month and discussed removing sanctions against Sudan, which are in place as a result of the terror designation.Sudan has been on the list since 1993.

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