Cairo airport officials foil attempt to smuggle SR200,000 hidden in iPhone box

Author: ARAB NEWSMon, 2018-02-05 16:33ID: 1517827948471728100CAIRO: Customs officials at Cairo’ International Airport have foiled an attempt by an Egyptian national to smuggle in SR200,000 ($53,000) by hiding more than half of the cash inside an iPhone box.
Sources in the customs department, quoted by local media, said they seized the amount from an Egyptian passenger who was boarding a Nile Air plane from Tabouk to Cairo.
Officials discovered SR143,000 hidden inside an iPhone box placed in a smaller bag after searching his luggage.
They also found another SR53,000 on the passenger’s body after inspecting him.
Officials seized the amount and will take legal action against the passenger for failing to declare the cash, newspaper reports have said.
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