Can Amit Shah see in dark, asks NCP

Can Amit Shah see in dark, asks NCP

New Delhi, March 7 (IANS) Ridiculing Amit Shah for claiming 250 casualties in the air strike at Balakot in Pakistan, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) on Thursday said the BJP President appeared to possess “special power” to see in the dark.

“Amit Shah deserves special prize for his unique ability of counting more than 250 bodies in the thick of the night and darkness of the dense forest of Balakot. Perhaps he is endowed with special power of a nocturnal bird to see in the dark,” NCP leader D.P Tripathi said here.

It was highly condemnable that the Defence Minister, the Foreign Secretary and the Air Force chief had refused to talk about the casualties of terrorists, Tripathi told the media.

The contradictory statements made by different sections of the central government demonstrated utter confusion in their mindset, he said.

He said the Modi government was dubbing everyone “anti-national” for not believing in its claims. “It happened during the Emergency. (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi is speaking the line of Emergency.”

He also attacked Modi for saying that nothing happened in the country in the past 70 years. “The arrogance has gone beyond limits.”

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