China solicits public opinions on draft atomic energy law

China solicits public opinions on draft atomic energy law

BEIJING (Rahnuma): China’s Ministry of Justice on Friday published a draft atomic energy law online to solicit public opinions.

Identifying atomic energy as an industry of strategic importance, the eight-chapter draft law provides guidelines and rules for technology development, nuclear material recycle, atomic energy, safety management and international cooperation.

It encourages companies to participate in the development of the international market and push the export of nuclear power and related services.

In the meantime, it stipulates that the State strictly limits the export of nuclear proliferation-sensitive items, such as uranium enrichment facilities and equipment.

The public can either visit the ministry’s website or send their opinions by mail or e-mail. The deadline for submitting opinions is Oct. 19.

China’s Nuclear Safety Law entered into effect on Jan. 1, 2018.

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