China willing to break new ground in Sino-India ties

China willing to break new ground in Sino-India ties

Beijing, May 2 (IANS) China on Wednesday said it is ready to break new ground in Sino-India ties and follow through the consensus reached between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping at their meeting in Wuhan.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the “one of its kind” summit between India and China created a new model for exchanges between the two leaders and opened up new ground for bilateral relations.

“China is willing to work with India to follow through on the consensus reached between Xi and Modi, take this meeting as an opportunity to break new ground in the mutually beneficial cooperation,” Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Hua Chunying said.

Modi and Xi had freewheeling talks in the Chinese central city of Wuhan where they agreed that a peaceful border between the countries was a key to keep a good bilateral relationship.

“The two leaders held a candid exchange of views in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. They had an exchange of views on international relations, Sino-India ties, cooperation in various areas and reached important consensus,” Hua said.

The spokesperson added that Modi and Xi “identified the important principles guiding the development of China-India relations and draw up a blueprint for comprehensive cooperation”.

Asked if India and China were working to set up a hotline between their military commanders, Hua said: “We should put the border issue in a proper situation in the bilateral relations and properly manage these issues, not enlarge them.”

“And we should step up the exchanges between the relevant areas which will help to properly resolve such kind of differences. We are willing to maintain communication and enhance communication with relevant parties.”

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