Chinese proficiency contest held in Lithuania

Chinese proficiency contest held in Lithuania

VILNIUS, (Rahnuma):  The Chinese Proficiency Competition “Chinese Bridge” for school and college students was held here in Vilnius on Saturday.

Eleven contestants of five high schools and two universities from Lithuanian capital city Vilnius, second largest city Kaunas and port city Klaipeda participated in the competition staged at the Aula Parva Hall of Vilnius University.

Titled “Learning Chinese, Creating Brighter Future”, the first part of the contest for school students gathered eight students, who were required to demonstrate their Chinese language skills by making a free speech in Chinese, going through a quiz on the knowledge about China and Chinese culture and talents show.

Austeja Oboleviciute, a 17-year-old student from Vilnius Jesuits Gymnasium won the competition, and the second place was secured by Auguste Daugelaite from Klaipeda Azuolyno Gymnasium. They will later represent Lithuania at the finals for foreign secondary school students in China.

Under the theme of “One World and One Family,” five contestants from two leading Lithuanian universities competed in the second part of the contest for college students featuring also “free speeches,” “Q&As” and “Chinese talent show”.

The winner was Vaidotas Bacianskas, a fourth year student at Vilnius University. He will represent Lithuania at the finals for foreign college students to be held in China with Kristina Burdryte from the same university, who secured the second place.

Burdryte, who started self learning of Chinese at the age of 15, told Xinhua, that he’s satisfied with his performance during the competition. “I am quite satisfied with my performances today. To me winning does not matter so much, I value this event as a platform to improve my knowledge, make friends and express myself,” said the second place winner.

The Chinese Bridge competition series includes those for foreign secondary school students and foreign college students. Launched by China’s Confucius Institute Headquarters in 2002 aiming to encourage foreign students to learn Chinese, the competition has drawn more than 300,000 contestants.

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