Citizens heave a sigh of relief with shower

Hyderabad, May 12 (NSS)Hyderabad people, who were suffering from severe temperatures, felt a sigh of relief on Saturday due to little showers here and there. Malkajgiri, Quthubullapur, Kapra, Sherilingampally, Alwal, Secunderabad, Neredment, Kondapur areas received light showers. But in Neredmet, water came into houses as the nala swelled due to rain water.

Hyderabad weather officials informed that Cumulonimbus Clouds were forming due to the moisture increased in the air due to the surface trough from Karnataka to Lakshadweep. The officials also informed that light to moderate rain would fall as the Cumulonimbus Clouds were forming due to moisture coming over Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea due to high temperatures registering in the state.

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