Clashes with Israeli soldiers wound 29 Palestinians in Gaza: Medics

Clashes with Israeli soldiers wound 29 Palestinians in Gaza: Medics

GAZA (Rahnuma): At least 29 Palestinians were injured Monday during clashes between thousands of protestors and Israeli soldiers stationed on the border between northern Gaza Strip and Israel, medics said.

Ashraf al-Qedra, spokesman of the health ministry in Gaza told reporters that among the 29 injured protestors, 11 were shot by Israeli soldiers’ gunfire and two were seriously injured.

Besides the weekly protests that take place on every Friday in eastern Gaza Strip since March 30, which are called “the Great March of Return,” the commission of the marches also organizes protest in northern Gaza Strip every Monday.

Eyewitnesses and local radio stations reported Monday that thousands arrived from all over the Gaza Strip and joined the protest on the northern beach of the coastal enclave, close to the border with Israel.

Also on Monday, around two dozens of fishing boats sailed off the northern coast of the Gaza Strip. The protests call on Israel to lift a blockade that has been imposed on the enclave since 2007.

The demonstrators burned tires, waved Palestinian flags and threw stones at the soldiers stationed on the border. Dozens of them cut barbed wire of the fence of the border with Israel.

The witnesses said that the soldiers fired back tear gas and live ammunition at the demonstrators, adding that dozens suffered suffocation after inhaling the tear gas and others shot by live ammunition were taken to hospitals.

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