CM KCR is in hand in glove with YS Jagan

Hyderabad, May 15 (NSS): Former Minister and Congress party leader Nagam Janardhan Reddy on Friday Said that it was clear that CM KCR had joined hands with his AP counterpart YS Jaganmohan Reddy on the controversial issue of diversion of water from Pothireddyapdu head regulator.

Addressing media persons he said that he had evidence to prove his claims. Reddy showed a video to media persons in which CM KCR was seen stating in assembly that he would support YS Jaganmohan Reddy. Speaking on the occasion he also said that KCR had not responded on the issue so far. He asked the CM if his sole intention was to turn Telangana state into a barren state. He advised KCR to stop his fraudulent acts. Reddy said that the Krishna river management board has constituted a sub-committee on the issue of the allocation of water among the two Telugu speaking states. He said that the committee submitted its report stating that the AP had already utilised 73900 cusecs of water . He asked if KCR had seen the report of the sub-committee .

He said that the CM had not responded to his letter written in January this year . He said that the CM had held a review meeting on may 12 of this month the issue following his letter written on May 5. Referring to the comments of state ministers that telangana state would not have been formed had KCR was in hand in glove with the AP leaders. He asked the CM as to how he would do injustice to Mahabubnagar which has given KCR a political life .

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