CM’s Call to Officials, Elected Reps to work with more Dedication

CM’s Call to Officials, Elected Reps to work with more Dedication

Hyderabad, Aug.15 (NSS): Asserting that the Government has decided to strengthen the Panchayat Raj institutions to make the villages ideal and centers of progress and development, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao gave a call to the officials and elected representatives to work with more dedication and commitment to achieve the aims and objectives of the new Acts and to win a permanent place in the hearts of people.

In his Independence Day address on Thursday, the Chief Minister said that the Government has instructed that all the vacancies in the PR should be filled up immediately. He said that good governance to people is possible through the administrative reforms only. “The existing Acts will not be sufficient to offer good governance without giving any opportunity to corruption. This is the reason why the State Government came pout with a New Panchayat Raj Act and a New Municipality Act. A new Revenue Act is also in the pipeline. With these Acts, I am sure there will be clean, tidy villages and towns with lots of greenery. The new Revenue Act is being prepared to offer hassle-free services to people and farmers,” he said.

The Chief Minister also stressed on the urgent need to improve cleanliness and increase tree cover across the state. In this regards, he spoke in some detail about the proposed 60-day action plan for villages and towns. The Government is preparing the plan to introduce a new approach and has decided to release funds from the Finance Commission grants before the commencement of the 60-day action programme to the local bodies.

One of the focus areas of the plan is to remove possible health hazards through improving cleanliness in all villages and towns. The first phase of the programme is aimed at improving the sanitation in the villages and towns with the participation of people. “We all know that cleanliness is next to godliness and god manifests only where there is cleanliness. After this programme, every village and town should be clean, have organized garbage removal and disposal methods. Unhygienic conditions affect the poor the most,” he said.

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