Colombia’s oil pipeline under new attack

Colombia’s oil pipeline under new attack

BOGOTA, April 27 (Xinhua) — Colombia’s state oil company Ecopetrol said Saturday that the Transandino Pipeline (OTA) has been bombed.

It has been the seventh attack against OTA so far this year. The attack happened in a village in Colombia’s southern province of Narino.

The oil firm said on its Twitter account it activated a contingency plan following Friday’s attack. “The attack resulted in a ruptured pipe and an oil spill,” it said.

“At the time of the attack the pipeline was not operating. Sectional valves were closed to avoid major impact,” Ecopetrol said in another tweet post.

The 306-km-long Transandino Pipeline has the capacity to move some 85,000 barrels of crude daily from the provinces of Putumayo and Narino to the Latin American nation’s key Pacific Port of Tumaco.

Ecopetrol denounced the illegal act, saying these attacks “put people at risk, affect the environment and well-being of the communities.”

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