Commercial business associations to observe lockdown

Hyderabad, June 26 (NSS): Several commercial business associations have decided to shut down their operations by keeping in view of the corona virus pandemic. The Hyderabad, Secunderaad Sanitary Dealers association they decided to suspend all its business operations from June 27 of this month till July 5 of the next month. The decision was taken by keeping in view of the growing number of corona virus positive cases in the city.

The association has thought that the to suspension of its business operations would help in controlling the rapid spread of Corona virus. It said that the entire Troop Bazar market will remain closed during the said period. It said that Ghansi Bazar market had also decided to stop entire business operations to control the rapid spread of CORONA virus and added that the so entire Ghansi Bazar market would remain closed from today till next Sunday. On the other hand, The Hyderabad cut piece cloth merchant association had also decided to close down their business premises and markets till July 05 of the next month from Thursday.

The Hyderabad Kirana Merchant Association has also decided to close its Begum Bazaar market from June 28 to July 5.

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