Cong questions govt’s silence on posts hailing Godse

New Delhi: Congress leader Manish Tewari addresses a press conference in New Delhi, on Feb 19, 2018. (Photo: IANS)

New Delhi, Oct 4 (IANS) Pointing to the social media posts eulogising Nathuram Godse, the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi, the Congress on Friday questioned why the government was not taking action against the people behind such activities.

Congress MP and former Union Minister Manish Tiwari said that such posts had appeared at a time when the country was celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation.

Speaking to the media, Tiwari said, “Unfortunately, ‘Nathuram Godse amar rahein’ was trending on the social media. Who are these people? Who are these forces? Who are behind them who seek to defile and dishonour (Gandhi) by celebrating his assassin? Why has the government not taken suo moto cognizance in the matter?”

Tiwari also asked why those involved in posting such messages have not been taken to task yet by the government.

He alleged that the government was deliberately not taking any action even though it has been hyper active in instructing social media companies to remove abusive and blasphemous content.

“We would like to demand that those who are defiling the Father of the Nation should be made accountable,” Tiwari said.

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