Congress asks CM to resolve employees’ issues

Hyderabad, May 12 (NSS): The Congress party has warned the TRS Government of serious consequences if it further delays the resolution of issues concerning employees.

Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) President  N. Uttam Kumar Reddy and Chief Spokesperson Dr. Dasoju Sravan wrote an open letter to Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao asking him to do justice with the employees, teachers and other unions.

Addressing a press conference at Gandih Bhavan on Saturday, Sravan said that the employees have played a major role in Telangana statehood movement while putting their jobs and lives at stake. He said ‘Sakala Janula Samme’ and ‘Sahaya Nirakarana’ proved to be a turning point in statehood movement. Consequently, the employees lost 42 days salaries. Moved by the commitment of employees for statehood cause, UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi granted Telangana State.

However, Sravan said TRS Government and KCR have totally disappointed the employees while ignoring their sacrifices. Lakhs of employees are now suffering to get their trivial demands fulfilled.

He said employees’ hope of getting true justice in new state has proved to be futile. He said union leaders like Karam Ravinder Reddy, Devi Prasad, Swamy Goud and Srinivas Goud, who had once played the role of tigers and even challenged the then Chief Ministers over employees’ issues, have now transformed into cats. They have utterly failed to get the rights of employees and are unable to even question the government. He said that the Chief Minister do not have even five minutes for the employees’ union today who had spend hours together to discuss the agitation strategy.

Elaborating on the employees’ demands, Sravan demanded to enhance age of retirement from 58 years to 60 years on par with central govt employees. Sravan also urged that the government take a decision to give the employees a social security. “Some states in the country are planning to do away with Contributory Pension Scheme policy in light of Supreme Court ruling instructing social security to the government employees.

We demand that you re-examine the CPS method. Employees are not clear about their payments until retirement since there is no proper mechanism to check the employees’ and government share. So about 1,12,765 government employees under this system need social security. Therefore, you must pressurise the Centre to restore old pension policy,” they demanded.

Speaking about the Pay Revision Commission (PRC), Sravan said that the new PRC is scheduled to be implemented from July1, 2018. However, delay in the PRC announcement is causing loss to the employees. “Previous Congress Government gave 39% fitment and incentives under the 9th PRC. Later, the Congress Govt had announced 10th PRC five months before its term was over. The Congress Govt had provided 27% intermediary increment pending the PRC report. However, TRS government is not even appointing PRC Commission for the employees who struggled a lot for the separate state,” he said.

Sravan also expressed anger over delay in employees’ transfers. “The transfers of the government employees that were held back are still hanging in the limbo. Delay in transfers for past four years is irking the employees and their family members. They are suffering with mental tension and therefore, it is demanded that transfers are carried out immediately,” he said.

The Congress leaders, in their letter, also demanded that almost 750 employees of Telangana, who are working under Andhra Pradesh, should be brought back. They pointed out that about 29 fourth grade employees have committed suicide due to mental agony. They also demanded abolition of ‘Order to Serve’ rule. They also demanded that the retirement age be enhanced to 60 years on par with Central Government employees. He also alleged that the Telangana Govt has become an asylum for retried employees wherein the opportunities for promotion of existing employees and fresh employment for jobless youth are being scuttled.

“New districts were formed in haste and many employees were transferred in the name of Order to Serve. Most districts are understaffed and there are no EOs for 21 districts, 63 posts of deputy EOs are vacant and 45 Mandals need MEOs. The State Government has made 4380 new panchayatis in 125 Mandals but there was no recruitment at any place and hence employees are over burdened and the very purpose of accessible and good governance is nullified,” they pointed out. They also urged that the demands of pensioners to provide 15 % of additional pension after 70 years of retirement, 100 % pension after 90 years must be looked into. Similarly, there must be additional gratuity to the employees.

The Congress leaders also demanded implementation of administrative tribunal, Uniform Service Rules, establishment of wellness centres in districts and regularisation of contract and outsourcing employees. Sravan also demanded to build basic amenities in the land allocated to employees and teachers by Congress Govt in Gopanapally and Gachibowli.

Sravan said that the Chief Minister should have called for an all-party meeting to discuss the issue. However, he alleged that the Chief Minister does not believe in any consultation process. Therefore, he assigned the task to a cabinet sub-committee. Announcing Congress party’s full support to the employees’ union, he demanded that the State Government immediately resolve the issue without any further delay.

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