Congress leader Vikram Goud denies police allegations of staging his own death

The 33-year-old Congress leader said that he will contest in the 2024 elections, and that he wouldn’t stoop so low to gain sympathy votes.
A day after his release from jail, Congress leader Vikram Goud claimed on Sunday that the allegations levelled by the city police against him of orchestrating his own shooting were false.
The Congress leader said that there was no reason for him to hire persons to open fire at him.
 Speaking to the media, he denied the charges and stated that he didn’t hire anyone to shoot at him to gain sympathy votes and also claimed that he was not in debt.
 “The reports that I hired persons to attack me is completely wrong. It was said that I did it for political mileage. I want to clarify that there is no need for me to stoop to such an extent,” a Times of India report quoted Vikram as saying.
 He said that that it was actually him who disclosed the name of Nandu, the second accused in the case, to the police.
Vikram said that he has had disputes with people he was in the mining business with. He alleged that he had told police earlier about the security threat, and despite that, they denied him a weapon license and didn’t provide him with any security.
 Denying the claims of the police that he was in deep debt, he asked how he could afford to pay the gang Rs 50 lakh, as police were claiming.
 He added that he wants to contest in the 2024 elections.
The 33-year-old Congress leader was arrested on August 3 by the Banjara Hills police for misleading police and orchestrating an attack on himself to escape the clutches of financiers and to gain voters.
Vikram was arrested along with five others in the shooting case, in which he sustained injuries to the shoulder and spinal cord. He was booked as the prime accused in the case. He was arrested under the Arms Act and on charges of providing misinformation to police.
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