Congress showed its real face by promising to scrap Triple Talaq Bill: Modi

Congress showed its real face by promising to scrap Triple Talaq Bill: Modi

Jalpaiguri, Feb 8 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said the Congress has exposed its ‘real face’ by promising to withdraw the Triple Talaq Bill, and accused the opposition party of “cheating” Muslim women who have suffered because of the practice.

“Congress, which has always lied about women’s rights, has exposed its real face before the nation. Yesterday (Thursday) Congress publicly showed the extent they can go to appease the community,” Modi said while addressing a rally at Churabhandar here.

“Whatever they may say, I would like to assure Muslim sisters and daughters that nobody will be allowed to scrap the Triple Talaq legislation. BJP is committed to safeguard the rights and give justice to women,” he said.

Modi’s remarks came a day after Congress women’s wing chief Sushmita Dev promised to scrap the legislation banning Triple Talaq if the party wins the Lok Sabha elections.

“They (Congress) have openly said they would allow Triple Talaq to go on, let the Muslim women be exploited and oppose the law that would deter Triple Talaq. Congress said that if they come to power, they would scrap the law in case Modi manages to pass it”, he said.

The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2018, has superseded an earlier Bill passed by the Lok Sabha and is pending in the Rajya Sabha.

“Congress has again shown they do not care about the Supreme Court which has already declared Triple Talaq as unconstitutional. During (late prime minister) Rajiv Gandhi’s time, the mistake that the party made in the Shah Bano case, they are trying to repeat it all over again,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister also slammed the opposition alliance as ‘maha milawat’ (grand adulteration) and said that it does not have any ideals or vision for the country.

“This grand adulteration is such an understanding that does not have any ideals or vision for the country…Yesterday (Thursday) when I mentioned the term ‘maha milawat’ in the Lok Sabha, these people created a ruckus. Their smiles vanished,” he said.

Accusing the Congress of protecting fraudsters, touts and criminals, Modi said he will not let the conspiracy to safeguard the offenders succeed.

“Today all those immersed in corruption are afraid of Modi. I want to tell the parties of the “maha milawat” that Modi will not let you succeed in your attempts.”

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