Congress will fight for the rights of Adivasis in Telangana: Bhatti

Hyderabad, March 19 (NSS): Telangana Congress Legislature Party leader Bhatti Vikramarka accused BRS Govt of denying Adivasis and Tribals of their right to forest resources and behaving like a colonial government in treating them.

Bhatti Vikramarka made these comments after interaction with local villagers in Pulimadugu and other areas in the Khanapur constituency as part of the ‘Haath Se Haath Jodo’ Yatra People’s March which entered its fourth day on Sunday. He began his padayatra from Indervelli on Sunday morning and he was accorded a warm traditional welcome in Pulimadugu village. The women of the village apprised him of the problems they have been facing.

The villagers highlighted that they have not received houses, pensions, jobs or even bathrooms. They did not get any benefit from any of the welfare schemes. They also mentioned that they have been facing problems in bringing soil from the forest and firewood due to officials demanding bribes.

The Adivasi and Tribal women of Indravelli told the CLP leader that they voted for TRS in the past. However, now they regret the same as their problems remained unattended in the last nine years.

Bhatti Vikramarka assured the villagers that the Congress party would come to power soon and that it would solve all the problems faced by the Tribals and Adivasis. He mentioned that the officials of the current government are not helping the villagers and are only interested in taking bribes.

A woman of Kummari Thanda told Bhatti that the officials were not allowing them to do caste work, which they consider their profession and way of life. “This is our way of life. This is our culture. No one should interfere with it to stop it,” she said.

Bhatti Vikramarka promised that the Congress party would be with them and fight for their rights. He said that once Congress forms its government, all their problems would be solved and they would receive houses and a share in all welfare schemes.

Later, addressing a press conference in Kummari Thanda, Bhatti Vikarmarka said that people were bringing many problems to his attention during the padayatra. He accused the State Government of taking away the forest wealth and not allowing the tribals to take soil from the forest to make pots, draw drinking water, firewood or even dug borewells. He said that the BRS Government was acting as if it is the government of another country, and cases were filed against people for fishing in Jannaram. Is this British, French or Portugul Govt or Telangana Govt? he asked. He also pledged that the Congress Party will fight for the rights of Adivasis and stand by them.

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