Corporate education institutions should be banned: R Krishnaiah

National President of BC Association & Rajya Sabha MP R Krishnaiah

 Hyderabad, March 4 (RAHNUMA): National President of BC Association & Rajya Sabha MP R Krishnaiah demanded that corporate educational institutions should be banned and only one college with one name should be allowed.

State BC Student Association meeting was held at BC Bhavan, Vidyanagar on Saturday. Speaking on this occasion, he said that he fought and solved the problems of students for many years. He advised the BC community leaders and students were advised to develop leadership qualities. He said that there was a need to construct buildings for BC college hostels.

Krishnaiah said that the full fee scheme should be restored for BC students at the college level. Every student who has applied for foreign education should be given permission. Recently the Cabinet Subcommittee has decided to increase the mess charges of hostel students by 25%. But if there is a 100% increase in prices, is there any justice in increasing it by 25%, he asked

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