Court document says UK to seek Brexit delay if deal not made

Court document says UK to seek Brexit delay if deal not made

LONDON (Rahnuma): British Prime Minister Boris Johnson would seek an extension to the Oct. 31 Brexit deadline if no withdrawal deal with the European Union is reached by mid-October, according to a document read aloud in a Scottish court Friday.

The document a lawyer quoted from in Scotland’s Court of Session indicated Johnson intends to comply with a law passed by Parliament that would require him to ask the EU for a postponement if no deal is in place by Oct. 19.

Lawyer Jo Maugham, who represents legislators and activists trying to make sure Johnson observes the law, tweeted that he and others read from a British government submission that included the statement, “he (Johnson) will send a letter in the form set out.”

Johnson has said publicly he would not ask the EU for an extension under any circumstances and plans to take the UK out of the EU as scheduled on Oct. 31, with or without an agreement.

Britain’s minister for Europe said Friday he hopes European Union leaders come in a “fair spirit,” to talks on the Brexit deal proposal Johnson submitted this week, otherwise the country will leave the bloc at the end of the month without an agreement.

Christopher Pincher called the new Brexit proposal “a good, fair and reasonable compromise” that presents a “broad landing zone” for talks that would enable the UK to leave the bloc in an “orderly and friendly way.”
Key European leaders have already said they think the measures Johnson proposed fall far short of the concessions needed to forge a deal.

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