CPI seeks probe into purchase of fishing nets

Hyderabad, May 13 (NSS)Communist Party of India (CPI) Telangana State Council has demanded the state government to order comprehensive inquiry into the corruption took place in tenders of purchasing nets, with senior IAS office immediately.

In a note issued on Sunday, CPI state secretary Chada Venkat Reddy said that the state government was implementing Integrated Fish Development Scheme while taking Rs.1000 crore loan from National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) and giving vehicles, nets and other equipment to fishermen on subsidy. The government was giving 75 percent subsidy on two types of nets.

The government has to give nets worth Rs.20,000 each to 20,000 fishermen and drawn nets worth Rs.2 lakh each to be distributed to 2100 fishermen. The government has to spend Rs. 42 crores on drawn nets and Rs.40 crore to other nets with total of Rs.82 crores by calling tenders. Only four companies have got eligibility though there were hundreds of companies across the nation and in which one company was listed in black list.

It was not possible to other three companies to supply this much quantity of nets. The scheme will be failed if the companies failed to supply that huge number of nets. It was clear that officials and concerned departments were indulged in huge corruption and irregularities in allotting tenders only to those three companies.

There were allegations in the past too in distributing fishlings to the fishermen, he alleged and demanded the state government to abolish the tenders and order comprehensive inquiry into the corruption and irregularities taken place in the issue with senior IAS officer and initiate severe action against the persons responsible. Chada also demanded the government to give adequate publicity to the tender process instead of conducting the process secretly.

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