Dammam bird market shut down as bird flu precautionary measure

Author: Sultan Al-MahdiSat, 2018-01-06 22:28ID: 1515268574459293300DAMMAM: The Eastern Province secretariat has shut down the central bird market in Dammam at 7:00 a.m. Friday morning as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of bird flu, SPA reported.The secretariat also banned birds around the areas in which bird vendors commonly gather.Teams were formed to clear the area in which the traditional bird market is held on Fridays on King Saud St. in the central region of Dammam.Around 324 street vendors selling birds, animals, feed, cages, and other pet accessories have been shut down, and 1.5 tons of different materials and 465 different packages have been cleared and sent to charities before cleaning the site.The teams formed for this purpose included Central Dammam municipality, the Eastern Province police, the Department of Safety and Security, and the secretariat’s department of hygiene.Everyone at the market was informed of the need to immediately leave the area, and vendors were instructed to stop selling right away, take their birds and animals, leave the place, and not gather again in the future.
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