Demolition of old buildings in Al-Masoura complete

Author: MOHAMMED AL-SULAMIWed, 2017-08-16 03:00ID: 1502832494448130600JEDDAH: The demolition of old buildings in Al-Masoura district in Al-Awamiyah municipality has been completed, said Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Al-Safayyan, media spokesman of the Eastern Province governorate.
A development project will be implemented in Al-Masoura over a two-year period, he said, adding that the demolition and removal of rubble are considered the first phase.
The demolition covered all old buildings on roads that were too narrow, which posed risks to residents, he said.
The number of abandoned and destroyed houses, an inadequate service network and lack of safety necessitated development work in the district, he added.
The project is part of the development of the central part of Al-Awamiyah, which has been greatly welcomed by its residents, Al-Safayyan said.
The project will consist of commercial stores, a cultural center, a public library, a sports complex, cafes, restaurants, men’s and women’s halls, a shopping mall, a women’s club, a kindergarten and a car park, he added.
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