Desperate Cong alliance Can’t win: Jupally

Hyderabad, Oct.13 (NSS): Caretaker Minister Jupally Krishna Rao today said that the Congress cannot get power in the  elections for the Assembly in the state as the people are in favour of  the welfare and development programs of the ruling TRS party.

Talking to press persons at TRS Legislature Party office here,  he condemned the comments of Congress leader DK Arun against the TRS Chief K Chandrasekhar Rao. Despite forging alliance with Chandrababu’s  Telugu Desam and others, the Congress cannot come to power as the people are supporting the leadership of KCR,   he said. The Congress is making last ditch efforts to woo the voters and  it would be of no use, he felt. He flayed the congress for joining hands with Chandrababu.

The opposition is  hated by the people for forging an alliance with the rival Telugu Desam,  Krishna Rao said. ‘I am not a cannibal like the congress leaders who favoured the Andhra rulers and swiftly ignored the progress of Telangana’.  He slammed Aruna for claiming that the Congress has taken up the irrigation projects and the TRS is claiming to complete them. Why the 10 year rule of the Congress failed to complete the construction of the projects, he asked. During Kiran Kumar Reddy regime of the congress, ‘I toured in Gadwal segment despite deployment of hundreds of police and  exposed corruption of Aruna who opposed Telangana and supported release of the waters to the Andhra region’.

Had the TRS not come into being in 2001,  more injustice would  have meted out to Telangana,  he felt. There is no need for voting for the congress for opposing the statehood,  and denied to participate in the related fight. The congress rulers got glued to their posts, denied power to farm sector and shamelessly opposed the statehood,  Rao said. He also flayed that the Congress in the opposition is not playing constructive role and only trying to stall growth of Telangana. The congress will face  defeat in the elections as the TRS is all set to win the Assembly polls with thumping majority, Rao said. (NSS)


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