Director Niddhish Puuzhakkal’s Arshad Warsi-starrer film stems from his childhood ordeal

Director Niddhish Puuzhakkal’s Arshad Warsi-starrer film stems from his childhood ordeal

Mumbai, Sep 21 (IANS) Director Niddhish Puuzhakkal, who is known for his extensive body of work in the advertisement industry, is currently busy with the shoot of his untitled film. The director shared that the film is closely related to his childhood ordeal.

The film is a psychological thriller, and stars Arshad Warsi, Juhi Chawla, Divya Dutta, Anirudh Tanwar, Gauhar Khan, Jitendra Joshi, and Prakash Belawadi.

The film being a psychological thriller and the director is a trained psychologist.

The director said that for him, cinema is a means of pushing boundaries and transcending the ordinary.

He said: “With a background in advertising and scriptwriting, I sought to create a film that went beyond visuals and sound. I wanted to evoke multiple sensorial experiences, from space and sound to even smell and taste, immersing the audience completely. My journey began as a personal challenge, a quest to push my own filmmaking boundaries. It evolved into a gripping psychological thriller, intriguing actors like Arshad Warsi, Juhi Chawla, Anirudh Tanwar, Divya Dutta, and more. They recognised the unique potential of the narrative, embracing its depth.”

He further mentioned: “This film captures the essence of storytelling through every sensory channel, transporting the audience into a different world. It’s a testament to the magic of storytelling and the dedication of a remarkable team. Together, we’ve crafted something extraordinary.”

The inspiration for this film harks back to a vivid childhood memory of Niddhish. He shared: “As a young boy of 8 or 9 years old, I often faced bullying but still tagged along with an older group. One day, during an excursion, they locked me in a decrepit hut — a profoundly claustrophobic and terrifying experience that left an indelible mark. The helplessness, breathlessness, and chest-tightening fear stayed with me. Years later, while working in advertising and honing my scriptwriting skills, I came across historical accounts of ‘immurement,’ where people were sealed within walls or confined spaces.”

“This discovery resonated with my childhood ordeal, igniting the spark for this film. Intrigued by the intricacies of the human psyche, I embarked on an unusual storytelling journey, delving into uncharted territories. It’s a thrilling and thought-provoking narrative that explores the concept of feeling ‘stuck’ in life, born from personal experiences and the enduring impact of childhood memories. This film encapsulates how our past shapes our creative pursuits, offering audiences a captivating glimpse into the mysteries of the human mind,” he added.

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