DJ Khaled helps Demi Lovato celebrate 6 addiction-free years

Author: APSun, 2018-03-18 17:45ID: 1521373594057805600NEW YORK: Palestinian-American DJ-producer DJ Khaled is currently on tour with the hugely successful US pop singer Demi Lovato.
On Friday night, the pair performed a show that marked Lovato’s sixth year of freedom from drug and alcohol addiction.
“What you’ve overcome through trials and tribulations, through dark clouds, you found the sunshine, and now the sun is shining on you forever,” Khaled told Levato at the show.
“You inspire me.” After a brief rendition of “Happy Birthday” in honor of Lovato’s sixth year of sobriety, the crowd chanted “Demi!” as she sat down by the piano.
“Thank you for being a part of saving my life. I love you guys,” Lovato said, before performing the song “Warriors.”
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