Dr Julian Schuster visits city to strengthen partnerships in India

Hyderabad, May 23 (NSS):  President of prestigious Webster University and eminent economist Dr Julian Schuster arrived here on May 22 to connect in person with India-based partners and study abroad agencies. Dr Schuster’s India visit comes at a time when Webster University is a highly sorted after US University for Telangana and Indian students.

            In the past, Webster University has been a highly sorted after university for its STEM and Business programs, which can be completed in 16 to 18 months from its Missouri and Texas campuses. Webster is a highly cost-effective option for all Indian students, who are looking for a high quality and ranked university in the USA.

            Speaking to mediapersons at ITC Kohenur at HiTech City, Dr Schuster emphasized the need for US Universities to become more accessible to highly talented Indian students in India. “We are working to develop more programs that will create graduates for jobs that do not exist today” Dr. Schuster said, “The technology and services that we have today will not exist tomorrow. So Webster University is working on programs to address the needs of future industry needs” he added.

            During the visit, Dr Schuster explored the infrastructure and facilities of key student recruitment and support partners as a first step to explore a future Webster University campus in India. Webster University is a very prominent player of global student mobility and has nearly a dozen overseas locations in Europe, Asia, Africa, apart from several US Campuses.

Dr Schuster was accompanied by Assistant Vice President of International Student Enrolment, Samrat Ray Chaudhuri. The duo hosted a high level meeting with the Hyderabad’s prominent overseas agencies and learned more about the needs of students from Hyderabad. Agents mentioned about the recent opening of visa slots that has given hopes to the aspiring US-bound learners to join Universities such as Webster in the Fall semester.

            Dr Schuster’s visit signifies the importance of India for US Universities in recent times as the overall Indian student numbers have grown leaps and bounds in the USA. Now top US University administrators are coming to India and discussing more options to expand the exchange and collaborations. (NSS)

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