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Drivers in Oman face fines, and points for using mobile phone holders in vehicles

Author: ARAB NEWSWed, 2018-01-31 12:19ID: 1517379661408211200DUBAI: Oman’s police force has issued a directive banning the use of mobile phone holders inside vehicles, national daily the Times of Oman reported.
The ban, which takes effect from March, will see fines of up to $39 issued to motorists, as well as a black point, the report added.
“Installation of a tool or a device to place the mobile phone or any other electronic device for the driver use will attract (a fine of) 15 rial with one black point,” according to the new law.
Other laws set to be introduced in March to make driving in Oman safer, include to following ambulances, driving without holding the steering wheel, and sitting in an unsafe position.
Some of the traffic offenses even include jail terms, the report added.
“Any person who deliberately, or by any means, obstructs public roads in such a way as to prevent passage, or makes them difficult to access, will face between one and three years in prison,” according to the newly introduced penal code.
But the sentence gets more severe if the perpetrator obstructs an ambulance or public security vehicles. In these cases offenders face a jail term of “not be less than seven years.”
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